Possessor ★★★

Hey everyb... Hey everybody... Hello.

Hi, hello everyone. Hi everybody. Hey y.... Y'all, hello. Hello everyone, hello hello

Hello everyone.

You have to wonder how much of what we do is just a performance, and, if it's so ubiquitous everywhere, does it really matter that we're performing? I think we all marry the worm the moment we look out of our jelly bulb retinas and process the world consciously. Consciously by scientific standards, maybe not metaphysical or y'know, intelligently. Not yet. We're being rendered in a world that forces dysphoria on us at every angle. We're forcefed a gender, ideal bodies shoved down our throats, confined to long work hours and trauma from parents before we even have a chance to really want escape. I only think about "cis/transgender" labels in terms of pre-existing society. Beyond the concievable human reality there is no correct gender presentation; the limitless possibilities suggesting that there is no tangible concept of gender, no real tangible concept of race, size, height. I've lost my train of thought.

I paused this shit a bunch cause although I enjoy the themes to some extent the filmmaking style was obnoxious and I wasn't a massive fan. It's been a shitty week and this hasn't helped. I broke up with Nicole, and now I've got a stalker on twitter who's been harassing me since last Wednesday. I'm really sick of kind of most things right now and this story of people running around looking sad while loud noises blare was pretty ok. I'm sure someone's head explodes good-er in the uncut version which makes it a bajillion times better 🙄
I do like how Christopher Abbot says "woerm" though

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