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  • Étangs Noirs

    Étangs Noirs


    Was this man mentally ill or something? His motive for obsessively delivering a random package in person made no sense. The last half hour of the short film is literally watching a man wandering around a metro train. I could have filmed that myself on my morning commute to work and it would not have been any different.

  • After the Screaming Stops

    After the Screaming Stops


    A tiny bit of false advertising here with the title, which makes the film sound like a kind of no holds barred look at teenybopper fame and the aftermath. A little bit is touched upon at the end as well as a couple of touching moments where the Goss brothers talk about the tragic death of family members while being under the spotlight.

    It starts out like a parody. Less Spinal Tap and more Corey Haim’s ‘Me Myself & I’, but…

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  • Spring Breakers

    Spring Breakers


    A film about a bunch of cunts with the most tedious story and dialogue which could have been done and dusted in 5 minutes. This shit makes Showgirls look classy.

    New contender for worst film of 2013.

  • Dredd



    Proof that a film of this genre can be dark, entertaining and not overrun by an hour. Christopher Nolan take note.