2 Days in New York ★★★★

I've never seen any of Julie Delpy's films before this but now I'm definitely going to. This was like a French Bridget Jones with wit and a brain.

Whilst I only laughed out loud a few times during the viewing, in the following hours and days I found myself thinking of all the funny, memorable things I liked about the film and honestly came up with about 20 scenes or lines that I wanted to see again.

Having heard and read a couple of reviews beforehand, I did however find the weakest part of the film to be the couple of scenes with Chris Rock's character chatting away to his cardboard cutout of Barrack Obama, despite them being cited as a highlight. It was still a breath of fresh air to see that Rock can in fact act.

I eagerly await the DVD and in the mean time will kick myself for previously ignoring Julie Delpy's existence.