After the Screaming Stops ★★½

A tiny bit of false advertising here with the title, which makes the film sound like a kind of no holds barred look at teenybopper fame and the aftermath. A little bit is touched upon at the end as well as a couple of touching moments where the Goss brothers talk about the tragic death of family members while being under the spotlight.

It starts out like a parody. Less Spinal Tap and more Corey Haim’s ‘Me Myself & I’, but ultimately it’s a film about brotherhood. Not especially specific to Bros and I’d rather a documentary about family members getting on in the music industry, as the issues here don’t seem to be unique to Matt and Luke. It’s the age old story of a cheesy pop group struggling to be taken seriously as well as sibling rivalry and petty squabbles. The fact that in every piece of footage, Luke is wearing a T-Shirt for a different credible, enduring Rock band each time speaks volumes as to where he’d have liked to have been.

Scarcely a mention of Craig Logan apart from some archive footage of him being introduced by Terry Wogan. Very odd.