• Midsommar



    first horror in a long while that has made me uncomfortably on edge - the combination of nature and beauty with the extremist traditions of the cult produce an aesthetic not far from that of Annihilation

  • True History of the Kelly Gang

    True History of the Kelly Gang


    Amazing performance by George MacKay, the fight scenes were so intrusively flashing (definitely a seizure warning needed) that I felt musty as dazed and deluded as he was. Costume design was insane throughout, Alice Babidge continues to stun me with her work.

  • A Matter of Life and Death

    A Matter of Life and Death


    One of my all time favourites, the set design and dream sequences still amaze me and I couldn’t find a better use of my time other than to watch this over and over.

  • 1917



    Going into this film I thought that the seemingly shot one-take would be the only interesting asset to the film but I was very wrong. The visuals, narrative, performances, music and cinematography combined allowed for a mind blowing cinematic experience. Of all the war films out there (that I have had the chance to see), this one has everything a film of this genre should have and it’s a raw reminder of why we should never forget the destructive history of those before us.