Thunderball ★★★½

Once again, I'm glad my housemate and I are revisiting the Bond films. I have always been a huge fan of Connery's first 3 outings, but Thunderball was one of the Bond films I disliked previously. I used to find the health centre scenes overlong and the night sequences often too dark to even see what was happening. I think this may have been due to the way I was watching it before since the blu-ray helps a great deal. I also dislike a lot of Roger Moore's 'silly' outings, and I always seemed to remember this film having many such sequences. My housemate suggested that this may have been because people tend to remember these over the rest of the film, and being such a long time since I last watched this film, I think he may be right.

I also think my renewed interest in John Barry's music may have had something to do with it, also. I have always admired it, but in the last year or so, I have become addicted to it. It really does carry what would otherwise be a rather slow paced Bond film. This also seems to be the first Bond film to represent him as some sort of super hero, defying all odds, which I suppose one must expect with the franchise, but I think the often slow pace here makes them stand out more than they should in comparison with the style adopted in Connery's previous outings.

That said, it is a hugely attractive film full of gorgeous location photography, the incredible 60s styles, the DB5, the girls, the absolutely stunningly choreographed underwater fight sequence and the jet pack and more. Some very poor back projection aside, the production values really begin to show with this film.

As I say, I'm very glad I am revisiting these after so long as I am finding my interest renewed greatly. Although I doubt that I will feel the same way when I get to Diamonds are Forever...