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  • WolfCop



    Too much cop. Not enough wolf.

  • Hereditary



    Many recover from grief. Some don’t. This is a story of those that don’t.

    I need to preface by saying a majority of horror films do not scare me. The ones that genuinely make me uneasy don’t use cheap jump scares, but rather eerie atmospheres that creep slowly like The Shining. Ari Aster understands this level of filmmaking and realizes that the viewers’ imaginations can be more frightening than an outright shock with Hereditary.  He crescendoes the tension without relieving…

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  • mother!



    A cinematic onslaught on the senses

    I’ve seen people label mother! as pretentious, but it’s not pretending to be something it isn’t. Darren Aronofsky means for the film’s abrasive message to be blatant and in our face so there’s no mistake about it. He wants us to experience what he feels, and Aronofsky does that by removing all subtlety from this work. I mean look at the names of the characters, he’s not exactly trying to hide anything.

    Although mother!

  • Wonder



    Manipulative? Yes.
    Predicatable? Yes.
    Cheesy? Yes.
    Did I still cry my eyes out? Of course.