American History X

American History X ★★★★★

Ed Norton is one of the greatest actors to never win an Oscar and this movie - despite coming out in 1999 - tackles modern day issues on racism in America and the deluded mindsets of white supremacists. It shows that each man is equal and is so relevant to today. Which in a way makes you feel awful because nothing has changed in 22 years. This is the perfect commentary on past and present America and should be shown in schools to teach about racism. The camera work and editing also plays a good role in this. Whenever Derek is seen in the past with his ‘old’ mindset it is clear it is outdated as it is filmed in black and white film; when he leaves prison and realises his mistakes it changes to colour to show he has a new look on the world. I think everyone, no matter their race or opinions, should watch this movie to have their eyes opened to the real racial injustices in America and the world.