Die Hard ★★★½

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Via Michael Kamen’s enthralling score, John McTiernan’s exciting action direction and Bruce Willis’s irresistible, movie-making charisma Die Hard is one of the 1980s most enjoyable action thrillers. It’s a really entertaining, well-paced and heartfelt film that contains some of the most quotable lines and best characters of any action movie, it represents the masculinity of 80s action cheese but showcases a personal edge that would drive later action movies.
McTiernan perfectly balances the action between McClane and the police outside as without the copious material inside of the building we would think that he is in the wrong. After all, he is needlessly killing people to prove himself as a hero to his wife whilst just “doing his job”; that’s one way of looking at things but the individualistic masculinity of Willis and the brilliantly suspenseful action sequences make our sympathies veer toward McClane and makes the movie a blast. The score is also fantastic, the screenplay fun and though the film is twenty minutes too long I’ll be checking more Die Hard movies out soon. It’s what I expected and I’m very pleased and in fact I was kind of surprised by some of the camera movements and depth so yeah, see it if you haven’t already.

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