Hook ★★★★

I haven't seen Hook in a long time for now.. maybe for 15 Years?

I only remembered that i loved it as a child and recorded and watched it on VHS maybe 20 times in the early 1990s.

What can I say, without the childhood emotions one could consider the screenwriting and characters badly written but when i rewatched it in 2013 all of that didn't matter to me as I was set back to my childhood as soon as the movie started.

One thing that Hook still does an incredible job in is the Preps and Setting. You can feel like back in Neverland because they built real Sets, it looks just fantastic and detailed (especialliy in HD). Many Kids-Movies nowadays sadly lack that sort of love and detail and replace it with tons of CGI that just can't deliver the kind of immersion a real built set does (as long as you got enough money to build it properly)

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