The Philadelphia Story ★★★

(Note: Part of my AFI Top 100 Movies project; review is from that) Eh, this was an okay film, nothing to blow my mind away, but the sheer star power in it was considerable: Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, and my favorite - James Stewart. However, of all the James Stewart films I had seen before this one, this is my least favorite of them. And these three actors find themselves in a lot of the movies on this list, which is pretty amazing and shows how important they were, and still are, in the realm of movies. Back to the movie, it was standard 1930-40s fare, a love triangle that goes through all the motions and shenanigans. Not anything special, outside of the acting, of course. The girl who played Dinah Lord also did a really good job and I enjoyed her little mischieviousness in the movie.