The Treasure of the Sierra Madre ★★★½

(Note: Part of my AFI Top 100 Movies project; review is from that) First, let me get this off my chest. This is the third Humphrey Bogart movie I've seen while doing this list and I still don't like him. His voice annoys me... a lot. Another thing: I came into this movie thinking it would be something like an adventure movie in the style of Indiana Jones or something. Instead I got a movie about gold prospectors in Mexico in which one of them develops a huge case of paranoia. The movie was pretty dull until the last half hour when it finally became interesting. I almost wrote off the entire movie as a bust at the end when the gold was lost but the movie made up for it by starting new lives for the two surviving characters. Blah. The only saving grace of this movie was Walter Huston's wonderful performance as an expert gold prospector. He played the role of the old prospector to how I would imagine a man who is used to being alone on his journeys out to find gold.