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  • Back to the Future
  • Beau Travail
  • When Harry Met Sally...
  • Super Mario Bros.

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  • Albert Brooks: Defending My Life


  • Albert Brooks: Defending My Life


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  • Taste of Fear

    Taste of Fear


    Hoop-tober 4.0
    Decades (1960s)
    Film 5 of 40

    Add this to the growing list of movies I picked based solely off of their posters.

    This movie had that Good Cinematography™ I crave and the opening shot on the lake in between the mountains was BEAUTIFUL. The cinematographer was Douglas Slocombe, who is better known for shooting the first three Indiana Jones films and wow, did he knock it out of the park with this.

    Honestly, this is the type of…

  • Hobgoblins



    I know this is one of the lowest rated 80s horror movies out there but I'm genuinely confused as to why and how? It was campy fun the entire time and I thought maybe I was watching the wrong movie at one point I didn’t think it was ever horrendous. I had a good time.

    I know my taste is trash but I'm sticking to my guns - Hobgoblins isn't a bad movie.

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  • Driving Me Crazy

    Driving Me Crazy


    This was a cavalcade of crisis in the most entertaining way possible.

    Every scene was more unbelievable than the last. I found myself anxious and relieved within the span of a minute and while that sounds exhausting, this never felt like a chore to watch and there was a lot of levity to it, even in the most uncomfortable situations.

    This documentary is woefully underwatched and should be a classic. Y'all need to get on it.

  • Viva



    ¸.•*¨*✧*♡CLUB FRIENDSHIP♡*✧*¨*•.¸

    In theory, I should be super into Anna Biller, her movies, and their aesthetics but I was underwhelmed by The Love Witch and I was similarly disappointed by Viva.

    I get that it's supposed to be very tongue-in-cheek but, after a while, the faux nostalgia becomes overwhelming and obnoxious (and I love faux nostalgia so this hurts me to say). I had a lot of clothing envy but that was about it. Such a drab watch despite all of the bright colors.

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  • My Man Godfrey

    My Man Godfrey


    Film School Drop Out Challenge
    Week 6: Genre - Romance - Screwball Comedy.

    Screwball comedies are my security blanket. If I'm having a rough day or I need to be cheered up, chances are I'll put one on and I'll inevitably be cheered up again.

    I've been eager to watch this since the inception of FSDO. You can't beat William Powell and Carole Lombard. Those opening credits? Beautiful. Carole Lombard's outfits? Amazing. I just adored this.

  • Gertie the Dinosaur

    Gertie the Dinosaur


    Gertie was told specifically not to hurt Jumbo but ignored it and threw him in the lake. Then she danced while he tried to collect himself after almost drowning. He attempted to get out so she threw a rock at him and tried to kill him.

    This is the type of over-the-top violence I will just not stand for.