Cowboy Bebop: The Movie

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie ★★★★★

Happy Halloween ya'll! As is a blooming tradition of mine I've rewatched Cowboy Bebop: The Movie for the occasion for the umpteenth time, loving it just as much now as I did my first time, if not even more for the comforting nostalgia that has set in for the film.

The film is practically an extended episode of the show but amped up to a wonderfully cinematic level. Set towards the tail end of the series with the Bebop crew at their peak form as a bounty hunting family makes for some of my favourite time spent with these characters, the story contending with Jupiter Jazz and Ballad of Fallen Angels as the best Bebop tales. Seeing how beautifully Bebop is animated here still makes me tremendously giddy, the smoothness to fight choreography is stunning and the little touches of facial expression and movement adds so much to conveying emotion. This film features some of my favourite environment art of any animation given how thoughtfully constructed settings have been drawn with stunning detail, so many locations I can picture from memory from the start with the convenience store, the Halloween parade, the Eastern markets, and the vast, multi-culturally inspired aesthetic of the city as a whole. And then there is the original score Yoko Kanno produced for the film, not reusing any of the iconic tracks from the series, instead producing a wholly new arrangement of songs, each brilliantly unique and memorable, Gotta Knock A Little Harder is my favourite song from Cowboy Bebop as a whole (though certainly not the only track that makes my eyes swell up).

If you couldn't tell already, Cowboy Bebop is extremely special to me, and while I could recommend seeing this film on it's own without having watched the series, I've always appreciated it as a perfect last adventure with the Bebop crew for those who have already reached the end of the journey and carry that weight, showing off Bebop at it's very best.

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