Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

A more grounded film than Tarantino’s past few ventures. Someone on here wrote that this is a real personal film but doesn’t spend too much time exploring what makes it so personal. I agree to a point; QT presents a thesis of modernity, of has-been one trick ponies being forced out of the limelight by new talent, the insecurity of staying afloat in a changing world. Part of following these characters is following their day-to-day mundanity, their layered and seemingly pointless flashbacks within flashbacks, the people they encounter in work or leisure who don’t do anything extraordinary. That might be a justification for the ending but I don’t care. If there is any historical Hollywood event that’s been mythologized to death, it’s the Tate murder, and if there’s anyone capable of recrafting that event into a sort of fairytale, it’s QT. The movie earns its title by the end.
Robbie is great as Sharon Tate. She captures that shyness and humility really well. Rose Byrne would’ve been great too, if were talking australians.
DiCaprio just sounds like DiCaprio to me. The accent was barely there.
Not as many feet shots as I would’ve liked.

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