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  • A Man Called Tiger

    A Man Called Tiger


    Fun but disposable Jimmy Wang Yu vehicle that is never short on martial art fights or awkward romancing. Features head scratchinginly obtuse gambling, several severed fingers, falling axe fights, and plenty of guitar on the soundtrack that fluctuates between 70’s wacka-wacka funk to made for TV horror theme music. And when will our heroes learn not to wear all white for their final battles. There is no amount of Tide that is going to get all that blood out.

  • Devil



    Would have dug this a lot more if it had been a juicy R-rated gore-fest instead of a tepid PG-13 “Twilight Zone” wannabe. Remember that elevator scene in “Damien: Omen II”? This should have been 90 minutes of elevator carnage trying to top that. This “Devil” is no match for a teenager at a military academy and that’s kind of sad.

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  • Rats: Night of Terror

    Rats: Night of Terror


    You can rarely accuse director Bruno Mattei (here under his Vincent Dawn alias) from not delivering on his titles. Sure, the acting is wooden, the dubbing hilarious (check out the Southern belle accent in "Rats"), and technical deficiencies abound, but there are lots of rats. Big ones, small ones, white ones and black ones, fake ones and as is par for many Italian 80's horror movies, real ones that are set on fire and let loose to run around screeching.…

  • A Lizard in a Woman's Skin

    A Lizard in a Woman's Skin


    Worth watching for the psychedelic dream sequences alone. Not very effective as a giallo, but weird in that way that Fulci excels in. Great soundtrack by Morricone. And that dog sequence had to have been quite a shocker in 1971.