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  • Urotsukidōji: Legend of the Overfiend

    Urotsukidōji: Legend of the Overfiend


    Reknown as one of the landmark titles of adult animation, this notorious anime adapted from Toshio Maeda’s manga has continued to shock each new generation of anime fan who no doubt were directed to it by the previous generation. Of course when it was released in 1989 it served in many ways to taint the impression the general public had about anime while the hysteria lead by newspapers such as The Daily Mail began leading a public outcry to “Ban…

  • Geostorm



    Despite being sold on the idea of a natural disaster movie what we get here is instead a very tepid thriller with the occastional diaster movie interlude while most of the named cast seem to be sleep walking thier way though what felt like an overly generous runtime. More so when the film doesn't really deliver until its final 30 mins.

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  • Troll Hunter

    Troll Hunter


    When it comes to the found footage genre, I frequently find myself zoning out, especially when so many of the films belonging to this sub-genre seem to be under the impression that fuzzy shots and frantic camera movements give the viewer the illusion of being with the character being followed or that it somehow increases the tension, which is an interesting idea considering how hard it is to be affected by something that the camera can’t even bother to focus…

  • Deep Red

    Deep Red


    Sometimes all it takes is for one film to make you question your established opinion on a genre / director, something which certainly was the case here being neither a fan of Argento’s films I had seen much like the few giallo films I had also seen. Needless to I was pretty sure of my opinions only for this film to then go and screw it all up, let alone leaving me wondering if I’d been too quick in forming…