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  • Dead or Alive

    Dead or Alive


    Released at the height of director Takashi Miike's outlaw period, this first entry in his "Dead or Alive" trilogy connected not by plot but rather leading men as Riki Takeuchi and Show Aikawa who here star in what could be seen as the Japanese version of Michael Mann's "Heat" as Takeuchi plays Triad boss Ryūichi who Aikawa's police detective Jojima is determined to bring down.

    Opening with the most extreme five minuites of footage commited to the screen counted in…

  • Akira



    Despite being released in 1988 this still remains the anime which all other anime are measured against. It's also the film which really first got me into Anime back in the late 90's.

    A stunningly animated film you need only to look at the motorcycle ride through Neo Tokyo to see what we are still talking about this film years later. As motorcycle gangs battle for domination of the streets and secret goverment psychic experiments look set to wipe out…

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  • Troll Hunter

    Troll Hunter


    When it comes to the found footage genre, I frequently find myself zoning out, especially when so many of the films belonging to this sub-genre seem to be under the impression that fuzzy shots and frantic camera movements give the viewer the illusion of being with the character being followed or that it somehow increases the tension, which is an interesting idea considering how hard it is to be affected by something that the camera can’t even bother to focus…

  • Deep Red

    Deep Red


    Sometimes all it takes is for one film to make you question your established opinion on a genre / director, something which certainly was the case here being neither a fan of Argento’s films I had seen much like the few giallo films I had also seen. Needless to I was pretty sure of my opinions only for this film to then go and screw it all up, let alone leaving me wondering if I’d been too quick in forming…