X-Men: First Class ★★★½

I mostly liked this. I'm not sure how much I liked Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw, and I'm not sure I liked how it kind of changed/played with X-Men history.

January Jones was just AWFUL. I felt the energy was sucked out of the movie whenever she was on screen. Despite her being mostly undressed for most of her time (and she pretty much disappeared halfway through the movie; I wonder if they realized how much she brought down the film) she couldn't even pull off being sexy. If you aren't going to get anything right about Emma Frost, you need to at least be able to convey sexy!

The fights were cool. Michael Fassbender was terrific. I want to see a Magneto movie starring him. I think a sequel to this could be great, now that they have all that pesky origin stuff out of the way. Hopefully Avengers opens comic book movies up so studios don't make everything an origin.