The Salesman

The Salesman ★★★★★

"One Of The Bests"
well written scenario, professional directing, actors are so deep in their characters, reasonable pace and on time surprises
locations, clothes, characters every thing is so damn REAL in this movie!

Story will not leave you the day after, will make you think
think about your self and people around you,
about Life,
about Love,
about Lies ...

You are an ordinary man, a good man, a good husband to your wife, a good father to your child, every body loves you
but like every humankind
you do simple sins
you tell little lies
you make mistakes and follow your tempts sometimes
you never think that how your secrets can effect on your life
you never think about revealing
you can not even imaging your self in that position

how do you feel in that fu****g moment when your dearests know your other side?!

The real question is "who is truly qualified to judge you?!"

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