Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

It’s amazing how I’ve seen my dad go through this my entire life, and yet I was never able to understand what it must feel like for him until I saw this. Slowly his hearing started to go away, and with it came the frustrations, anger, sadness and disappointment that Riz so perfectly captures in this. 

My dad had an operation that was supposedly going to restore 70-80% of his hearing, and it ended up doing nothing, if not leading to even more hearing loss. The hearing aids that have come since haven’t helped much either, pretty much just filling his ears with the weirdest, most unnatural sounds. He can still hear something with the help of those aids, but there are days when he turns it all off and just sits there, unable to understand why and how this all happened to him. 

Based on how much this hits close to home, this was such a beautiful and moving film to watch. Every emotion and experience is so relatable, both for the people going through hearing loss and the people helping them and watching them through it all. Riz gave my favorite male performance this year (and honestly in the last few years). He and this movie absolutely deserve to be in the awards conversations

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