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  • Talk About a Stranger

    Talk About a Stranger


    Unsuspectingly interesting B-noir picture (a sub-genre discussed by Eddie Muller as "kid noir", citing THE WINDOW, SHADOW ON THE WALL, and, naturally, THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER) about a boy who grows obsessed with proving that his mysterious neighbor has poisoned his new dog. While the film is a thinly veiled allegory for McCarthy "witch hunt" politics (with a moral of being careful not to judge people on the outside contributing to the somber conclusion), it is fascinating piece of…

  • Personal Maid's Secret

    Personal Maid's Secret


    Odd amalgamation of plot lines and characters over an incredible brief fifty-eight minute running time that is not without its individual pleasures but is mostly a trifle. Ruth Donnelly leads (though is not top billed) as Lizzie, a long time maid of the Bentley's who leaves after the fail to deliver wages for several weeks. She soon meet Joan (Margaret Lindsay) at a maid service office, who gently goads her husband Jimmy (Warren Hull) into allowing for the new addition.…

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  • Young Ahmed

    Young Ahmed


    After a little bit of a detour with their slightly experimental, but undeniably them, The Unknown Girl, Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne return with another focus depicting a brief glimpse into the events of a character who feels like they have operated well before the opening scene and will exist well after the cut to black. The virtually-in-every-scene Ahmed (Idir Ben Addi) becomes committed to executing a plot against his teacher Ines after he takes to heart an extremist view of…

  • Satantango



    Eager to see this film for years, the new 4K restoration at the New York Film Festival was the perfect way to scratch that itch. SATANTANGO is a massive work, so epic in length and accomplishment while simultaneously intimate in its subject. The narrative sets up camp in a small, rain soaked village ominously cut off from the rest of the world because of heavy floods and mud. While some of the villagers plot to make off with some of…