I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot

Another inspiring movie for Entrepreneurs! (My first recommendation is Nightcrawler.)

I Care A Lot could be the statement of the filthy rich capitalists we have today. They care for the poor's money, not on the poor itself. Marla Greyson had the mindset of real capitalist. Her style isn't original, but she really can be surprising when she get creative. This movie resembles Nightcrawler in some ways. But like some people here have said, I Care A Lot seems to be lacking on characterization and some spice on the third act. Marla Grayson is an evil woman for sure, but I think we're looking for the root on how she became like that. What drives her to be so ambitious on becoming rich? She's not in to just survive or turn the other cheek, no. She's a winner, and is willing to give anything to stay that way. But why? The ending is surprising for me, but it's somehow dragging. It's like a lame statement that you'll never have everything. Too bad that the thrill didn't hold that long until the end.

Rosamund Pike's performance is fucking magnificent as always! She will never ever ever disappoint me. Whether it is a major role or a minor, she always gave her best and shines on every character. I would love to see more on Fran though. Eiza González did a marvelous job too, but the film didn't give her enough background too. They make a very hot couple!

So Oscars, you don't wanna be lame next year?Just give Rosamund the best actress award already!

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