Avengers: Age of Ultron ★★★

In my mini re-watch of the MCU this is the one I've been dreading the most.

My biggest annoyance with the film is the mischaracterisations of both Captain America and Black Widow. The two of those we saw in The Winter Soldier and the two in this film feel like didn't people at some points.

The double-page-esque spread shot and the Battle for Loki's Scepter and as is the slow-motion bot fight at the church are rather lovely. The Hammer Pulling spot, like the shawarma post-credit scene, is pretty fun. That inside look at their down time is something that works really well.

There is a few other niggly things that aren't that big of a deal that do sort of annoying me though; the Black Widow/Hulk relationship is still strange why is the Iron Legion speaking English? Why not just go for the own language? I'm sure some of those folks are proficient in English but come on now. These Marvel films are full of quips and usually they're at worst fine but Whedon and his Whedomisms seem to bring about some serious eye rolling in this. "I lost the word there", Children! He forgot the word children. The (for the most part) further disregard of a few other things from The Winter Solider (notably Fury and SHIELD's appearance, I'm we know SHIELD is out there in some capacity thanks to the TV show, but this seems to largely ignore some stuff). Spader isn't good either. However, it does have some good things going for it too.

With all that being said it does have some nice action beats and it's not offensively bad, it's a fairly fun action film on the whole.