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  • Brooklyn



    If everybody tells (or takes) their mom to see this over the holidays, it might do well enough to pick up some awards buzz and maybe even a sustained, wider release, which it really deserves. No reason the masses can't flock to this one. Would make an interesting b-side in a double feature with THE DEAD.

  • Mistress America

    Mistress America


    Wondering with some displeasure if maybe the Gerwig/Baumbach braintrust is on balance less than favorable to Gerwig's loopy strengths, given the lingering fumes of lame duck WHILE WE'RE YOUNG, which I have close to zero fondness for, and the similarly creaky middle-aged manhattaner malaise motifs which manifest here. Still, even if FRANCES HA ends up an outlier for both, I was once again often the only person cackling madly in the theater at this one, so that's a good sign.

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  • Smoke



    Laid back 90's Miramax anything-goes-ness. Written by Paul Auster. Tom Waits songs. Keitel. William Hurt whisper-talking. Stockard Channing in an eye patch. Smoking, talking. Dog Day, Spike Lee, This. New York on film beats the ever-living shit out of actually being in New York. One of my favorite endings of any film.

  • Argo



    GAFFE SQUAD: At the Canadian Embassy, there is an insert shot of a needle dropping on the *middle* of a record, and then Led Zeppelin's "When the Levee Breaks" plays over the scene. In fact, that song is the last song on the record, so the needle should have been dropped further toward the center of the record. GOTCHA AFFLECK!!!