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  • Go for Broke

    Go for Broke


    Only the Japanese seem to be able to instill the exuberance of a dream one would have as a youth. Go for Broke has some genuinely dazzling spectacle toward the third act, plus a particularly shocking murder involving a teenager hung upside down while getting his face bashed in by a moving car. Some truly ghoulish gang members, some of which come off as horror movie monsters, all this plus an immensely charming depiction of teenage camaraderie and an awesome theme song.

  • Drum



    Drum is a fantastic exploitation exploration of slavery. The way the film depicts the perspective that when both sides war, all will lose was a surprisingly poignant twist, as appose to the straight up revenge fantasy that many films of it's elk can fall into.

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  • The Insider

    The Insider


    A flawless film from beginning to end that focuses its first half on a man who continues to stick his neck out even as the blade of corporate interest beckons to behead him while the second half explores what it takes to keep your word intact in a world where conviction is the first casualty in Michael Mann's masterful account of the modern age putting the loyalty of man through the ultimate test.

  • Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver


    An achingly personal film for men who can't escape their own mind.

    In my estimate, it chronicles the finest performance ever given.

    To be specific, Travis watching youth hold one another on television while "LATE FOR THE SKY" plays on the soundtrack as we see him wrestle with the fact as to why he doesn't want himself to be happy.

    Whether he is conscious of this or it just slips the reach of his mental grasp, all of this complex internal character work is conveyed without Robert De Niro ever having to open his mouth.

    Truly in a class of his own.