Mao Medina

"Went to the cinema. Cried" -F.Kafka-

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  • The Fall

    The Fall


    Caught in the alluring nature of it all, not specifically focusing on its narrative deficiencies all around the place mimicking the locations themselves. The storytelling process is a beautiful one when in sync with the appropriate cinematic elements and while they aren't, I'm for the trip, for the visuals, for the sensorial voyage.

  • What If

    What If


    I have faith in love again. And my Adam Driver mancrush keeps growing.

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  • Dance of the Forty One

    Dance of the Forty One


    A bacchanalian achievement for national cinema where the mating dance leans more towards the feeling and excitement of it rather than the historical duty of what's politically correct. Mabel Cadena's strength leads the performances, though the cinematic elements find big challenges in portraying a convincing setting both in the script and the geography and historical accuracy. Enioyable, though, kudos to brave filmmakers in tough times and in tough countries to shoot.

  • Holy Motors

    Holy Motors


    A film that speaks so lovingly of making films. Of being one or many characters among one's own cinematically vivid world; of finding the embellishing nature of an alienating industry easily shared with other fellow passionate lovers of the beauty of the act. The film as beautiful act itself and the audience witnessing how beautiful they are. Holy, yes, as well as divine.