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  • The Butcher

    The Butcher


    i am in awe right now. the director and the lead actor being the same person always produces the worse content. but this is transcendent. it’s so bad it is almost art. this is the room of horror movies.

  • D-Railed



    i think this is the worst movie i’ve ever seen

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  • Suburbs of Eden

    Suburbs of Eden


    "your body is giving you very clear information that something's wrong"
    "but i am content. still i felt like i was looking out of this face of makeup. i had a face for everyone, for my husband, my child, my mother, my job. and it made me so tired."
    not only a intelligent and real look into being a housewife, but womanhood in general. they view us as baubles, augmentations or extensions of their life, not a separate being. we…

  • Shoplifters



    when i was a kid, i used my school’s hand soap to wash my face everyday. i have sensitive skin— my face was covered in acne and flaky, red skin for most of my adolescence because of the harsh chemicals. my parents couldn’t afford to buy me hygiene products for me, and when they had the money, they spent it on drugs or alcohol. i was teased and belittled for it. i started shoplifting when i was 11. i finally…