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  • Soul



    Why can’t Disney just make a movie where the black character stays in their fucking body? Seriously they’ve created their own trope now. It was written (by a white man) to cater to white fragility. For the majority of the movie, the main character is either not in his black body, or his black body is voiced by a white woman. Soul essentially (a) normalizes digital blackface, (b) dilutes the presence of a black lead (c) lowers the bar for…

  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    Maybe the most pretentious movie I have every seen. It’s one of those films where you have to watch it twice in order to fully understand what the writer intended. There is an exhausting amount of literary references that probably enhance the plot if you understand them—which I’m sure most people don’t—so it just becomes filled with this elitist, highbrow dialogue of narrative gatekeeping. I will say, though, that watching the film is an extremely disorienting and strange experience which…