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  • The Disappointments Room

    The Disappointments Room


    There is a point in this movie that feels like an insane time jump, where I don't know how we got from one scene to the next, AND IT TURNS OUT IT IS MISSING A FULL SCENE!? According to IMDB, there's a scene that was shown in US theaters but not included on DVD or digital, and the scene described would clearly fill in this gap, and I AM MAD.

  • Art of the Dead

    Art of the Dead


    Horrible movie that I laughed at a ton so good for it?! It achieved something!

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  • High Life

    High Life


    The old man next to me in the theater leaned over to his wife and said “it’s sperm” on three separate occasions. On each occasion, he was correct.

  • Family



    Family is a gem that made me laugh and laugh and laugh and then cry and then laugh some more. Taylor Schilling is a comedic force and gifted actress, so much of her comedy comes from subtle tension, small movements of her face and eyes, not big sweeping crazy gestures (although she nails those too). I love seeing a female character that is just as ruthless as the many men we see on film while still feeling like a real…