Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread ★★★½

i really don't want to sound like a douche but in all honesty 2017 was kind of exhausting for me in terms of cinema and i'm not entirely sure why. maybe i had unrealistic expectations, or had been looking forward to certain films for too long to enjoy the actual final product. there were only three movies that i felt Truly moved by and while there were certainly many technically excellent films (phantom thread being one of them), i just can't shake the feeling of disappointment. idk. this doesn't have much of a point other than to say that i wish i could be as excited as y'all are for the oscars (and i mean this sincerely, not in a condescending way). idk. i hope 2018 brings some welcome surprises.

also i saw domhnall gleeson in union square the other day so january is officially the month of running into redhaired celebrities on the streets of new york

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