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  • Persona



    My 500th film on Letterboxd!

    I've been saving this one for a special occasion. Persona is a small film which contains multitudes and is perhaps best left unknowable. Bergman comes as close as anyone to creating pure cinematic poetry; exploiting every ambiguity the medium has to offer in order to create his masterpiece. Persona lived up to everything and more than I'd expected and will surely need to be revisited sooner rather than later.

  • Brief Encounter

    Brief Encounter


    Your whole world is crashing down around you, you're experiencing one of the most intensely emotional moments of your life and not a soul could understand, apart from one. The turmoil of our individual interior lives is often in stark contrast to the reserved exterior we must present, but underneath each stony facade something truly momentous may be occurring. Each day we pass hundreds of people without really contemplating or understanding the extraordinary stories they may be living through. Then,…

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  • Autumn Sonata

    Autumn Sonata


    Film #2 of Scavenger Hunt #34 - January 2018
    Task #29 'A film you haven't seen by the director of one of your 4 favorite films as featured in your Letterboxd profile.'
    My full list here.

    Sometimes during a film I pause, look something up, get distracted, leave the room, come back and continue. For the entirety of Autumn Sonata my eyes were fixed firmly upon the emotions unfolding on the screen in front of me. The long and painful…

  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    Wickedly funny, wickedly cruel and startlingly human. I honestly couldn't say which leading performance I loved most; Olivia Colman imbuing a capricious queen with quiet sadness and loneliness, Rachel Weisz walking a tightrope between the strident love of power and love itself, or Emma Stone's wide-eyed ingenuity with a side of duplicity. Whip-smart writing and stunning filmmaking combine to make this one of the most fascinating period pieces that leaves you with a real emotional punch.