Happy End

Happy End ★★★★

A high-society family in northern France is living in its bubble, unaffected by others and the world around them.

A sad collection of sad and sometimes quite vicious characters. The bourgeoisie remains disconnected of real-life problems. What are these people lacking of? Nothing? Then why are they all so unhappy?

Great acting and great actors that are being used to their full potential. That's what I like.

Two main issues are being discussed: the class differences in Europe and the psychological and emotional disconnection of the youth.
The first theme is handled very well and not too bluntly. Little by little the director lets us discover his underlying criticism.

The second theme comes more as a surplus and doesn't get enough attention. Why would the director include it then? Because the children are the future and, thus, we will not have a happy end. Haneke is a grade-A cynic.