Raw ★★★★

It has been a while I've wanted too see this film.

Lifelong vegetarian Justine starts veterinary school. There, taking part in a hazing ritual, she eats meat for the first time and a new aspects of herself start to unravel.

I love how French horror films differ so much from the Hollywood norm. I don't know the director from before and it looks like she hasn't directed that much after this one, which is a shame. The atmosphere and the flow of the story are spot on.

The lead character is brilliantly portrayed by Garance Marillier who was nominated for the César of best up-and-coming actress for this role. It's hard being a teenage girl and trying to fit in, and her performance makes us feel it too.

Eating the raw meat and giving up to the craving is an allegory to the protagonist's sexual awakening. Even though there were not that many truly scary moments in the film, the whole imagery was so rough and carnal (pun intended) that it will be etched onto my retinas for a while.

But holy smokes we didn't have hazing like this in med school! Damn those vets!

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