Tenet ★★

I am such a big fan of Inception. I was probably hoping for an Inception part two. But this was far from it.

In the film the world has two parallel timelines, one going forwards and one going backwards. There is a complicated logic behind it but explaining it or trying to understand it in depth becomes pretty boring so I won't do it.

It's nice to see an African American in the lead role of such a big block-buster. And Robert Pattinson is quite charming. That's about where the good in the movie ends for me.

The characters are not very interesting and you don't really care what happens to them. The woman especially is insufferable: she's just interested in her failed marriage and her son, even though there are clearly more pressing matters such as... well... the end of the world. Passive and one-sided female characters like these should be left in the 90's where they belong. However, the most poignant problem is the story itself, it's too coplicated to become engaging.

And by the way, the bad guy does clearly not look like an end-stage pancreatic cancer patient.

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