Us ★★★

Us is a horror movie that can be experienced in many ways. On the outer surface, there's the story about an all-American family staying in their summer house and getting a visit from doppelgängers from hell. A zombie-ish pursuit and fighting with some splatter ensues, very classic horror.

On a deeper level, it's a film about some pretty heavy topics. There's some clear class society critique reminiscent of the one in Parasite. Apart from that, xenophobia is a leading theme. What is the difference between us and them? Has the difference been there all along or has the environment shaped them to what they are?

A lot of things to love: great double roling on all of the main characters, afican-american main actors etc. Soundtrack was great too, gansta rap brings something new to the horror setting!

However, the underlying story of the others felt a little scattered; where did they really come from? Was it a federal experiment gone wrong? What was the whole holding hands thing? What were they trying to accomplish? Was there a meaning with the color red?

Probably requires a second watch... And I think I have to watch Get out too.

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