Emilia has written 35 reviews for films during 2021.

  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch


    Exactly what you would expect from a Wes Anderson film. Visuality, a cavalcade of great actors, subtle jokes, great dialogue and hidden wisdoms delivered in a breathtaking pace.

    Ennui-sur-Blasé is the French town where the stories take place. Without a doubt a, this city is based on a caricatured depiction of Paris.

    My favourite part : in the end you have the bit with Lt Nescaffier talking about being an expatriate in Ennui-sur-Blasé. I have to find the quote somewhere…

  • Nothing Like a Dame

    Nothing Like a Dame


    Four Dames talking about their lives and memories.

    The documentary is not perfect. All the camera crew fussing and pitching these titans random topics to talk about... for a great documentary you don't need all that. You just take a bit more time and let them talk freely. Maybe show them a bit more of some old archived footage from their former years and just watch the magic happen.

    AND there was too much talk about Lawrence Olivier. When I'm…

  • About Endlessness

    About Endlessness


    There's something very recognizable in this movie. It's recognizably Anderson.

    A strange collage of short stories woven together by a dreamy female narrator voice. All characters are offbeat and lonely, actors in their own life, and the world surrounding them resembles a dream-like state of mind in grey and mauve.

    Everything in this world stays still; the actors, the camera, the set, the time, creating an illusion of endlessness.

    No need to understand it, you can just let it flow through you.

  • Cléo from 5 to 7

    Cléo from 5 to 7


    French New Wave and the great Agnès Varda! This is probably the most known and loved work by her, and it's easy to see why.

    We follow the beautiful singer Cléo minute by minute as she waits anxiously her biopsy results, fearing for the worst.

    This film packs so much novelty for that time's cinema. Not only the illusion of uninterrupted minute-to-minute documentation of Cléo's afternoon, but also the ingenious camerawork, i.e. the impressionistic shots of people from POV perspective.…

  • Happy End

    Happy End


    A high-society family in northern France is living in its bubble, unaffected by others and the world around them.

    A sad collection of sad and sometimes quite vicious characters. The bourgeoisie remains disconnected of real-life problems. What are these people lacking of? Nothing? Then why are they all so unhappy?

    Great acting and great actors that are being used to their full potential. That's what I like.

    Two main issues are being discussed: the class differences in Europe and the…

  • Germinal



    An epic historical drama about the ferment in a 19th century mining community in Northern France.

    Everything about this movie is epic. The cast, the scenery, the acting, the historical accuracy. The length. Oh the length.

    Already in the beginning, you kinda guess what's going to happen, who is going to die, who are going to end up together, etc. And then you watch more than 2,5 hours just to see if you were correct. And you probably were.


  • The Trial of the Chicago 7

    The Trial of the Chicago 7


    The title says it all: a film about the trial of the Chicago 7.

    Thinking of the riots of 1968, what comes to mind is the police violence and the brutality with which the protesters were greeted. Considering recent events, this topic is more current than ever. And with a cast like this, what could go wrong?

    I think for me it was the whole set-up. This film really wasn't about the protest but about the trial that followed (well…

  • Daft Punk Unchained

    Daft Punk Unchained


    This note does by no means reflect my view of Daft Punk.

    Normally I only watch music documentaries about bands that I really love, as was the case for this one. Daft Punk has always been extremely private about their lives outside of their stage personas. So I understand that the documentary doesn't really have any new footage of them. Everything is told trough other people's or other artists' eyes except for some bits of old interviews.

    I get it.…

  • Aurora



    Aurora, a young Finnish woman, tries to help Darian, an Iranian immigrant, find a wife.

    A dramedy/romcom with a surprisingly fresh look on many things. The main themes focus around immigration, integration and addiction. Aurora, the main character, is anything but a delicate flower waiting to be picked. She drinks and parties, and doesn't really care that much who gets hurt in the process. Her coping and choices in life leave much to be desired, but she in unapologetic about…

  • Elle



    A bosslady gets savagely raped in her own home and she deals with it in a very out-of-the-box way.

    You can think whatever you want about the director Verhoeven (goddam I didn't realise he's that old!) but Isabelle Huppert makes an exquisite lead performance. And what a fresh look on sexual deviances, dealing with trauma and women's place in life and business. I can't believe that the lead role was originally supposed to to be played by an American, the…

  • The Lives of Others

    The Lives of Others


    A Stasi agent starts questioning his motives and the whole system listening into a life of an artist couple.

    The most impressive thing about this film is everything that's based on true events. I can't begin to grasp that many of my German friends have lived (at least a part of their childhood) during this very disturbing time in German history. Heart-wrenching.

    Some people have said that this film shows that people can't change. I don't know about that, but…

  • Paris, Texas

    Paris, Texas


    What a gem!

    Harry Dean Stanton is pure gold! Why wasn't he cast more in main roles?

    Utterly beautiful cinematography, a mysterious story, humane characters. The tension builds up towards the end and you don't see the time passing as you stay glued to the screen.

    Somehow a very European film soaked in melancholy but with a Texas backdrop. Is this a road movie? Or more of a love story? And how is it possible that the only other film…