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  • The Trial of the Chicago 7

    The Trial of the Chicago 7


    The title says it all: a film about the trial of the Chicago 7.

    Thinking of the riots of 1968, what comes to mind is the police violence and the brutality with which the protesters were greeted. Considering recent events, this topic is more current than ever. And with a cast like this, what could go wrong?

    I think for me it was the whole set-up. This film really wasn't about the protest but about the trial that followed (well…

  • Daft Punk Unchained

    Daft Punk Unchained


    This note does by no means reflect my view of Daft Punk.

    Normally I only watch music documentaries about bands that I really love, as was the case for this one. Daft Punk has always been extremely private about their lives outside of their stage personas. So I understand that the documentary doesn't really have any new footage of them. Everything is told trough other people's or other artists' eyes except for some bits of old interviews.

    I get it.…

  • Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

    Ma Rainey's Black Bottom


    I wanted to like this film so much more than I did!

    I decided to watch it because of Boseman, and if it would be solely about his performance, I would have given it 5 stars! Most of the other actors did a great job too. But. I hadn't read anything about this film before watching it, and it just completely shone through that it's actually a theatre piece. I feel the adaptation to a feature film was surprisingly lazy.…

  • Heal the Living

    Heal the Living


    Heal the living is a film about a young lad Simon, who gets into a car accident with his friends and ends up brain dead. We follow how his parents come to terms with his death and contemplate whether or not to donate his organs in order to save someone else's life.

    Some beautiful shots, some good acting (also from the younger cast members which is always a nice surprise). Emotions are raw and the characters feel real, I admit…

  • Boiling Point

    Boiling Point


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A gas station employee gets randomly pulled to some feud with the yakuza.

    Weird characters whose trains of thought are quite hard to follow. Random acts of violence and misogyny. Weak female characters with no minds of their own.

    I know how much Kitano's films are loved and appreciated but this one didn't convince me. I liked Okinawa as the backdrop and the fact that the great Kitano himself played the wackiest role, though.

    Especially hated the ending. Any ending…

  • Tenet



    I am such a big fan of Inception. I was probably hoping for an Inception part two. But this was far from it.

    In the film the world has two parallel timelines, one going forwards and one going backwards. There is a complicated logic behind it but explaining it or trying to understand it in depth becomes pretty boring so I won't do it.

    It's nice to see an African American in the lead role of such a big block-buster.…

  • Don't Tempt Me

    Don't Tempt Me


    Agents from both heaven (Victoria Abril) and hell (Penelope Cruz) are trying to win over the soul of a boxer named Manny in this weird multilingual film from 2001.

    The whole story is quite surreal but the decor and the execution remain unimaginative and the story proceeds erratically. I think this counts above all as a comedy, but not many sequences are that funny. Abril and Cruz are great, and it's funny to also see other famous actors like Gael…

  • Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom

    Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom


    This film from 1975 was the Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini's final work before his brutal assassination. I'm just wondering if the film had anything to do with that.

    Salò is even by modern standards sadistic and shocking. In four acts, it shows how four dictator-like characters capture young (underaged) men and women as sex-slaves, and assault, torture and abuse them until they break.

    I understand that in its days, the film was breaking many taboos and changing views on…

  • Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

    Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile


    A very average and almost boring movie on the life and sentencing of Ted Bundy. I didn't find any new angle on the story here. Everything in it was forgettable. Except for the title. Which, by the way, didn't really match the ensemble.

    Actually it wasn't ALL bad. I liked the casting. There were many nice suprises like Kaya Scodelario, Angela Sarafyan (those eyes!!), John Malkovich, Jim Parsons (can't shake the thought that I'm watching Sheldon though).... even though they…