Inherent Vice ★★½

Pretty unimpressed by this movie, sad to say, I think I would’ve really enjoyed it in theaters, but I was really disappointed. I thought it would be more compelling than a popcorn flick, which is how I felt leaving it. It’s not the environment or subject, because I really enjoyed Naked Lunch  and A Scanner Darkly, it’s the incoherent plot and lack of purpose this Pynchon adaptation has. I don’t think the “hippy post modernism” aesthetic can make a good movie on its own, it’s just not my particular brand of film. That’s sad, because I love psychadelic movies, but instead of the profound nihilism laid inside Big Lebowski - for example - this movie just meanders and comes off as a film conceived when someone was really high. Which sucks. The movie is very charming though, and I like it for that. I could watch this cast in these costumes shot by this cinematographer and written by Anderson all day, I just wish it all came together to make a better, enjoyable, and cohesive film.

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