Simon of the Desert ★★★★½

Damn, Buñuel really delivered one of his sharpest, meanest, funniest, and most masterfully composed films in his catalogue here. This thing had me laughing out loud all throughout - which is the first time his comedy has been so effective on me - and stunned by his narrative sophistication as the “FIN” card popped up. The last five minutes of this movie are what I’ve always wanted him to pull off in a movie. I think the closest he’s been is The Milky Way, a favorite of mine, but most of his films are too timid to go for what he went for here, or too boring at points to be effective. The only thing holding this film back is how short it is, which is probably why it’s successful. But damn, I’d give anything for him to add twenty minutes and have it work. I’d say it’s way up there, too 2 or even my favorite by him.

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