Solaris ★★★★½

Alright, here’s another one. What do you want me to say? It’s fantastic. And although I wasn’t won over by it until the last 45 minutes, and then it really did become a Tarkovsky film: intense, emotionally deep, visually striking and mesmerizing, and quietly climactic; needless to say it won me over just like his others did. Tarkovsky isn’t interested in action and conflict, he’s interested in change over time and character arcs and how emotions change and what causes this, and expressing this as slow and mesmerizing as possible. He tries to mind control you, as usual. And I think it works. The film slowly immerses you and initially that was an issue for me. Ivan’s Childhood is only 90 minutes, Andrei Rublev is 3 and a half hours but it’s separated in eight episodes that make the story flow very well, and Stalker is careful to not overstay it’s welcome and is slow for only about an hour and a half; this movie is very slow and takes all three hours to immerse you further and further into isolation and hysteria (I watched this movie at the right time in history), and I think it’s effective, even if it makes it less rewatch able. A lot in here is perfect, it’s definitely the slowest Tarkovsky film so far, it’s not better than 2001, sorry Andrei, and I love a lot about what it’s doing. Three left! Happy Birthday Andrei ❤️

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