The King of Staten Island ★★★½

This was a pretty entertaining comedy flick, I’m always a little more sensitive to New York films so I found this pretty good for me right now, especially missing normal life as much as I do. The best part of this film were the performances - Bill Burr, Pamela Adlon, Marissa Tomei, and (and I cant believe it but) Pete Davidson make this thing very worth the time investment. The same can be said of Apatow’s signature improvisational style, which only highlights this lightning in a bottle cast. I think the subject matter is heavy, and hard to grapple with, and while occasionally comes off as insensitive, is about as good as it gets these days. I guess this is the world of comedy. The film got too cheesy, over dramatic, and it hurts to know this would’ve thrived in a theater better, but what can you do? It’s about what I needed right about now.

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