Vice ★★★½

I’ve been wanting to rewatch this film, and I suppose this year has stirred up my patriotic spirit. Now that I think I understand the events of the film and US foreign policy way better now than I did, I have to say that I enjoyed the film a lot. It’s a farce, a satire, and I do have my issues with that, but it’s an effective film about how power is distributed in America, the dangers of it, and the reality of how it culminated into the single worst presidency in the history of the United States, second perhaps only to Buchanan. As far as performances and editing, this film pushes the momentum forward for McKay without topping his greatest feat - 2015’s The Big Short. My only fear about the added comedy to this film from the previous one, is how seriously we will take the next monster in office, like the current one. A similar film I have reservations with is Jojo Rabbit, but we’ll see how time affects these films. Honestly, as a movie, I think it’s funny, it’s quick, and it’s sharp, but it’s missing something, and whether it’s a climax, a level of sincerity, or it’s Adam McKay’s unrelenting honesty, there’s something this movie could use. I still liked it a lot though on my second viewing.