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  • Velvet Goldmine

    Velvet Goldmine


    I’d like to personally thank Bard College, cocaine, and Brian Eno for allowing this movie to exist

  • La Terra Trema

    La Terra Trema


    These people move through space like modern dancers, converging into pulsating tableaux like figures in a renaissance painting. Even when they’re wandering they seem to know where they’re going

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  • 3 Women

    3 Women


    YES I wrote a ten page paper comparing Millie, Pinky, and Willie to the Freudian Ego, Id, and Superego, YES it was total bullshit, YES I got an A

    Anyway Sissy and Shelley are wonderful always!

  • The Young Girls of Rochefort

    The Young Girls of Rochefort


    The part when Maxence comes back to retrieve his bag and Delphine is in the other room and they just barely miss each other is the most harrowing moment in the history of cinema