How to Train Your Dragon 2 ★★★★

Film #1 of "Scavenger Hunt #3" Challenge!
Task #30 : A film depicting medieval times!
This movie gave me weapons-grade feels. Also, I finally found a reason to actually open LinkedIn and that is to change my headline to "Crazy, Feral, Vigilante, Dragon Lady".

The animation was brilliant with beautiful cinematography, great attention to detail and textures and just incredible character animation. The emotions the animators were able to convey especially through Toothless had me tearing up and/or stupidly grinning, sometimes at the same time. In general, the characters are well-written. The main antagonist is underdeveloped and feels very much like a simple excuse for climactic battles and plot movement but it didn't detract from the experience for me. C'mon, it's a movie about a dragon that resembles and behaves like a cat; I was guaranteed to give it at least three stars even before seeing it.