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  • Stasis



    Although I'm a lover of movies, I noticed that recently I've been defaulting to pure criticism. So I made a personal decision to find at least one thing I like about every film I watch in order to reignite my wonder at the art of cinema.

    ....Damn it.

  • Christiane F.

    Christiane F.


    It's difficult to find the right words for a film like this.

    Christiane F. answers the questions that no one is willing to ask. It shines an unapologetic light on the nature of addiction. What it means to say "never again" in one moment and in the next- without fanfare or struggle- give in.

    The film does not offer the teenage-dream fantasy life that is often present in "coming-of-age" stories. Rather, starting from Christiane's first experience at Sound, it's all…

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  • Ikiru



    Once again I've seen why Kurosawa is constantly quoted by film buffs, modern directors, and lecturers as among their favorites. He is indeed a master of his craft.

    This beautiful tale could have been so ordinary...really it SHOULD have been so ordinary. "Life is about living" is no longer a unique thought. You'd find quotes saying as much in dozens of modern popcorn flicks and Pinterest boards alike.

    What Kurosawa has done here, though, is take a film that's premise…

  • Mirror



    The excellence of a Tarkovsky film leaves a taste in your mouth that exceeds easy intellectual understanding. "Mirror" is no exception. You could pause the film on any frame and behold a picture worthy of hanging on your wall. Each face, particularly that of Margarita Terekhova, holds the type of beauty you would find in a painting. The camera movements, the set-up, the atmosphere, are the definition of cinematic perfection.

    Tarkovsky is not always easy to track with mentally. Instead,…