Paterson ★★★★

Super low key// real world vibe// Adam Driver can slay it as The dark horse in Star Wars and also completely capture unique yet much more everyday people- found his role as devoted husband/ humble bus driver/ people watcher/ aspiring & yet simultaneously self doubting  poet so endearing- enjoyed this film very much - struck a cord with me- Adam Drivers range is so impressive - he has earned his place within the living legends of modern cinema / felt like I could be watching real people live real every day lives - made me ponder relationships as well- I know I always believe in my beloved ones more than myself and this movie honestly made me realize that and how It’s got to change - that’s not only great film- that’s a life advice - that’s art & perspective shifting on top of entertainment for me anyways hope u can get something from it too- might be too slow paced for some - maybe even a “chick flick” as my bf remarked oh how Boring -when I gave him the simple and skinny description before watching so I watched solo—
I always try to see every tree when I look at the forest -if you feel the same - you’ll enjoy this as much as I did xo

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