Roald Dahl's The Witches ½

YIKES!! OUCH!! My excitement for RD’s Witches movie ( adapted from his 1983 Novel ) ( also a film version 1990)- was thrilling- this book scared me so much as a child- the movie was creepy AF as well for my lil bitty child self - years later I read the book to my son - he said Mama stop reading - it’s way too scary!!
Out of respect for the legendary RD ( & yourself!!) SKiP this flick!! 
Here’s what you’re saving yourself from in a nutshell: CGI OVERLOAD// one dimensional card board cut out characters ( exceptions: O. Spencer & A. Hathaway)// fear factor- zero// audience connection-zero// pace- rushed yet simultaneously grueling// I shut it off in disgust with 30 mins left of play time.  Don’t bother making movies if you can’t even capture an iota of the fabric/ essence that this story has already established- it’s a shame kids today will think it’s lame AF - when the same tale ( told expertly and not recklessly) used to keep me up at night....wish they would pull it off air and show the 1990 version- so much for progress- guess authenticity goes out the window when you remake a classic——-please no more revamps unless you can do it right

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