• Pawn Sacrifice

    Pawn Sacrifice


    Great film-entertaining & based on the real life chess genius Bobby Fisher-my absolute favorite Toby McGuire ( who I was am as meh 😑 about) performance hands down dEf check it out !!

  • The Last Man

    The Last Man


    Wow so I got baited into watching it when I saw Harvey Keitel & the long lost Ainkin Skywalker -Hayden Christianson-
    To say I was utterly disappointed in every aspect is putting it lightly. This low budget /choppy/confusion/snore fest was PAinful to watch -I had to shut it off -I felt brain cells dying as I watched it—- skip this my friends -I took the hit for you-don’t want anyone else to suffer through this atrocity!!

  • GoodFellas



    Finally got around to watching this classic- laughed // cheered for the bad guys// my favorite Joe Pesci performance by far— if you’re one of the few that hasn’t seen this like I was it’s currently streaming on Netflix do it up!!

  • Hidden Figures

    Hidden Figures


    Historical// moving// powerful//inspiring could rewatch this any day- a must see

  • Night Hunter

    Night Hunter

    Super choppy/lots of plot holes// couldn’t really follow the plot -felt like seven trying to be split & they failed 😞 so so hard

  • Soul



    Pixar’s magic is back-innovative// thought provoking// beautiful

  • Rent-A-Pal



    Twisted tale of what I can only describe as the worlds most isolated and lonely man- entertaining but disturbing it was not my pick to watch it- watcher beware - no happy story here!!! Only message I can contrive is how loneliness and isolated  can lead to delusional ideals// distorted reality// and only more pain!!

  • Still



    This movie started off great- and then quickly started floundering in plot/point/ timeline/ and continued to spiral to one of the biggest disappointments in cinema I’ve experienced- a complete utter dud- nothing added up- nothing was even coherent!! Luckily I was working on a handmade gift for a friend of mine so I let it play out in the background as ambient noise - that was about all it was good for for me as my bf snored away next…

  • The Dead Don't Die

    The Dead Don't Die


    The cast made this movie for me!! Not for all - my bf put on his headphones half way through but I was laughing out loud at the pure ridiculousness of it and very entertained by this fresh take on zombies- Adam Driver and Bill Murray make a great pair in this bizarre/fun cinematic experience

  • Peppermint



    Jennifer Garner smashed her beautiful yet usually  vanilla screen presence in this one -she was fierce-emoting powerful emotions & looked like she had done some serious special ops training -dam girl!! My favorite character by far-she brought the angel of vengeance & protector of the abused to life “Peppermint “ is a vigilante film that will have you glued to your screen the entire run time -hope she keeps pushing barriers this one was def up there for me in movies of the year loved it!!

  • The Queen's Gambit

    The Queen's Gambit


    Great acting/lead actress carries the series through with tenacity & grace/watched once -thought it. Was decent-my bf puts it on AGAIN to rewatch the whole thing-I wasn’t paying much attention this second time & actually found it irritating the second time around but as my bf said “ it’s highly rated/acclaimed “ so is a lot of stuff out there-doesn’t mean it’s THAT good-sheeple people man... bringing my rating down to 2.5 stars-yawn

  • Paterson



    Super low key// real world vibe// Adam Driver can slay it as The dark horse in Star Wars and also completely capture unique yet much more everyday people- found his role as devoted husband/ humble bus driver/ people watcher/ aspiring & yet simultaneously self doubting  poet so endearing- enjoyed this film very much - struck a cord with me- Adam Drivers range is so impressive - he has earned his place within the living legends of modern cinema / felt like…