Before Sunrise ★★★★★

"I believe if there's any kind of God it wouldn't be in any of us, not you or me, but just this little space in between."

Before Sunrise may possibly be the best love story ever, at least to me. Does it resemble a naive and idealistic infatuation? Sure. But it's more. Ready for this embarrassing review in which I absolutely gush about it? oKay

I think this film just taught me what love is, as it turns out I only knew a little. It let me experience what it may be at it's fullest. I really believe it will do that to anyone with a bit of a heart who watches it. It somehow did this through conversations and moments that two strangers shared in a day. It is the most genuine love I have ever seen in a film, without being cynical, and watching was a beautiful experience. I had tears streaming down my face when nothing sad was happening. Hell, this was the most genuine kind of interaction of any kind I've seen in anything, including real life... this movie has convinced me it is more genuine than real life. Uh. I think what I mean is, it captures the rare, honest moments of life and significant experiences shared between two people perfectly. I think we all have single moments in our lives that we can pinpoint as moments we replay in our minds time and time again as perfect moments and always will, and this film is a creation of something just like that.

An interesting thing about it for me as well is that I weirdly watched this after seeing Before Midnight, so I got the perspective of knowing how it turns out before knowing the beginning. Maybe it would have been better not to go in this order, actually I'm pretty sure of it, because otherwise perhaps I would have liked the last one more if I actually saved it for last. It didn't affect my enjoyment of this one however, as you may have already gathered. No matter what happened with these characters after this one, this film is like a perfect, standalone memory.

Bye. Goodbye. Au revoir. Later.

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