The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★★

The only word that comes to mind that explains what goes on in this film is "insanity." I thought I knew what I was getting into. I didn't. It was absolutely over the top in almost every aspect. It was hilarious while at the same time completely horrible and not. I can't even fathom how this could really be based on a person, or how it's actually kind of based on a sick drive within everyone.

After watching this I feel like I've taken in way too much, like 3 movies worth of things. Exhausted. But it surely was enjoyable. Though the ending was quite weak and makes you wonder, what the hell was the point?

I think that last paragraph probably sums up what it would have felt like to be Jordan Belfort.

If it's unclear: I did really really like this film, and can see it becoming a classic. And as per usual, Leo was a total sensation.

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